Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rennovations Continue

It would be tempting to whine about having only one bathroom and having to trudge downstairs in the middle of night while our renovation is going on, but with the reality of what much of the world has to live with coming into focus with the daily pictures of Haiti I realize how much I have to be grateful for. The fact that I have a bathroom at all is blessing indeed and that perhaps by the end of the week it will be freshly remodeled with a new larger shower, new vanity and medicine chest, fresh paint and new flooring is wonderful. And when judged with my other contractor experience this one has been a breeze.

There’s no getting around the upheaval of remodeling unless are working on an empty house. Our clothes, medicines (we’re old and have lots) and cleaning supplies as well as linens are in tubs and piles in our bedroom which adds to the nightmare of middle of the night trips to the bathroom. Personally, I’ve been living out of what’s in the laundry basket which means that my coworkers are being treated to repeated viewings of my wardrobe. Since it is mostly purple they probably have quit noticing what exactly I’m wearing.

The work on the bathroom went much faster than that which we had done to the kitchen several years ago. All but the shower door is done and we await the flooring man to do the floor in Gabriel’s bedroom with the expectation that it will be done before his return from Brazil.