Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Sarah McPalin the Best of Us?

I'm "on a broom" as a friend says when she's mad. Sarah Palin has shown herself to be uneducated, xenophobic, fear mongering racist. She’s charismatic for a certain segment of society, but so was Hitler and the cries of “kill him!” in reference to Obama and coming from her audiences cannot help but remind me of another era which I had believed was passed. Are economic circumstances going to collide with unfounded fears being whispered, nay shouted, into the ears of the Right as they were in Germany 75 years ago?

Shame on you, John McCain. Shame on you for not picking a running mate actually capable of assuming the office of President, should you be unable to complete your term. Stop calling us your friends. I want no friend who would allow such behavior as your running mate demonstrates. Shame on you for not having more control over your “pitbull with lipstick.” And shame on you, Sarah Palin. Shame on you for purporting to be a Christian while attempting to whip up a lynch mob.