Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Sarah McPalin the Best of Us?

I'm "on a broom" as a friend says when she's mad. Sarah Palin has shown herself to be uneducated, xenophobic, fear mongering racist. She’s charismatic for a certain segment of society, but so was Hitler and the cries of “kill him!” in reference to Obama and coming from her audiences cannot help but remind me of another era which I had believed was passed. Are economic circumstances going to collide with unfounded fears being whispered, nay shouted, into the ears of the Right as they were in Germany 75 years ago?

Shame on you, John McCain. Shame on you for not picking a running mate actually capable of assuming the office of President, should you be unable to complete your term. Stop calling us your friends. I want no friend who would allow such behavior as your running mate demonstrates. Shame on you for not having more control over your “pitbull with lipstick.” And shame on you, Sarah Palin. Shame on you for purporting to be a Christian while attempting to whip up a lynch mob.


Lorraine Hart said...

Oh my dear Stephanie...I'm sooooo with you on this one!! I just had a good rant on your In Your Neighbourhood post...and it felt so good.

A population filled with fear easily becomes a whipped-up mob. Any politician who plays to this, works against the country they say they wish to serve. It frightens me, how emotionally close we are to Civil War. I want calm, intelligent discussion of the issues. I believe the changing numbers reflect this as the majority's desire.

I was pissed, watching her foreign policy photo-op, that she did not even have the diplomatic sensitivity to cover those gorgeous gams when meeting with Muslim leaders. Yes, she's free to wear what she pleases in this country...and I know her legs are getting her votes...but diplomacy is in the details and she knows NONE of them.

My biggest fear about Palin is the free-rein she allows her husband in HER WORKPLACE. This was just proven with "Troopergate" and should be one of the main talking points about her run for office. She is more intelligent than her snowmobile man...but she follows that tired old phrase, "...and the man is head of the family as Christ is the head of the Church..." and her man believed Alaska needed to secede from the Union!!

Stephanie Frieze said...

How many bedrooms did you say your folks in Canada have? The thought of a Palin vice-presidency or presidency is horrifying. Hopefully it will be to the majority of Americans, but after two stolen elections, it is difficult for me to have faith that the people's voice will be heard.

Erica Rose said...

"How many bedrooms did you say your folks in Canada have?"

I have been doing some research with regard to this same topic myself. Should the McCain/Palin ticket make it all the way to The White House, some friends and I have decided to join the ROTC organization... Run Off To Canada.

Haha. I joke, of course. McCain is not going to win this election.

Stephanie Frieze said...

I don't think McCain's going to win, either, but if he did I would be very afraid.

Erica Rose said...

Touché. Hence the ROTC backup plan.