Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Your Money or Your Life

I know I have enough. Despite the fact that my husband’s job will end sometime between now and the end of next year I know we can make it and if I didn’t buy one more “thing” I’d be fine. My Christmas wish list says specifically nothing that requires dusting or feeding, but includes time with my children and only consumable things like candles and incense.

So for my continuing process of discovering what is “enough” and working the Your Money or Your Life program I’ve sent for a copy of my earnings statement from Social Security. I know our financial advisor has one and I could call and ask him how much I’ve earned in my lifetime, but I want one of my own. They come each year as a birthday gift from the government and since I’ve never had a high paying job I find them depressing to look at, but in the spirit of working the program I will truly examine it when it comes in an effort to see my financial worth although I realize that this is not my worth as a human being.

I know that between us, my husband and I have assets enough that we ought not to become a burden to the children although we will never live in luxury, but I think we can do better which will include in divesting ourselves of a lot of stuff that we’ve collected along the way. I am planning a big trip to Goodwill. This morning I pulled more Amy-never-wears-clothes out of her room. When shopping for her last weekend my husband had said, “Amy, you have to get rid of an item for each one you are getting.” We have probably eliminated five for each item she got.

Paring down our pile will probably take the three years we’ve set for ourselves in which to get ready to relocate to the coast. We spent a collective 114 years acquiring it, but each bag that goes out the door is a step closer to our goal of living simply and reaching financial security.

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