Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lavender Weekend: the Journey Begins

Today begins my lavender weekend. Yesterday I drove from Gig Harbor, WA to Mt. Angel, OR for a weekend of lavender fun with my very oldest and dearest friend. As is my want I got off the freeways as soon as may be at Oregon City and wended my way through Canby, Barlow, and Monitor, past roads with names like Whiskey Hill and Scone before arriving in Mt. Angel.

It was surprisingly overcast in Oregon and threatening a thunderstorm that never came. After a late lunch or early dinner (which was very inexpensive due to the early hour) at the Glockenspiel Restaurant in downtown Mt. Angel we settled in to watch a Haley Mills movie that took us back to the 1960s. We were wild for Haley when we were little girls.

As soon as we pack a picnic we are off to Yamhill to begin our participation in the Oregon Lavender Festival.

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