Monday, August 10, 2009

Frieze Family Reunion

On Saturday, August 8th, the Frieze Family reunion was held at the home of my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Jerry Hard of Shelton, Washington. Twenty-six children, grandchildren, great-grandchild, nieces, nephews, great-nieces, great-nephews and great-greats were present for a barbeque, home movies, and lots and lots of talk. The first reunion in thirty years for some members who had come from as far away as Arizona and Missouri, there was much to talk about and catch up on.
Eight cousins together again!

Second Cousins, once removed, play while the grown-ups catch up.

Those members who were not present were not forgotten. They were represented in favorite recipes, pieces of jewelry, and the faces of those who loved them. The family hopes that there will be more such meetings without such a long interval between.

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Jo said...

What a wonderful family event. Now you all have new memories to add to the old. It's lovely that so many could attend. I know how much the day meant to you, can't wait to hear all about the memories you shared.