Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Boycotting AZ

I am so thankful that my husband chose to retire rather than to transfer to AZ! What is up with those people? First they did not want to observe Martin Luther King Day and now they want to lead us down the road to a national identity card. If you think such a card would not have a computer chip in it, think again. When I think of people having to produce identification randomly I think of Nazi Germany—and by the way Homeland Security sounds a lot like the Fatherland and always has.

We are a nation of immigrants and if we need reforms on immigration instead of harassing people who may well have been born right here and therefore will have to prove they are Americans. That’s not acceptable. I know that other countries have identity cards, but we aren’t other countries. We are a nation of immigrants where people have historically come to make a fresh start. Why not make it easier for them to come here legally?

No, Mexicans are not going to take jobs that Americans could have. Americans are too spoiled to be picking fruit and vegetables, cleaning motel rooms and mowing lawns. Yes, we do need immigration reform, but passing laws designed to target aliens and intimidate voters is not the way to go. I have a son whose father came here from Iran as a teenager. He went to college, applied for a green card, and became a naturalized citizen. My son was born in Castro Valley, CA, but he has a Persian name and dark hair and eyes. After 9-1-1 I truly worried that Bush would round up all the Arabs and Persians and put them in concentration camps ala Roosevelt and the Japanese-Americans. South Carolina’s Congressman Barrett (R) attempted to have all Iranians deported earlier this year.

It is typical during an economic depression/recession for Americans to become more jingoistic and look for scapegoats for their distress. Sending all the illegal Mexicans back to Mexico will not improve our economy. Quite the reverse. And I have no wish to be forced to prove that I was born in Kansas. I will not be buying anything from or visiting AZ anytime soon.


Grandma L said...

This world is getting into such a mess it's unreal. It sounds as though the 666 idenity card, the bible speaks of, is just around the corner. And my goodness I just said the "Bible" word. That is probably grounds for imprisonment.

Stephanie Frieze said...

My daughter-in-law says she has no problem with a National ID card because they have them in Brazil where she's from. My reaction? This isn't Brazil. True, it is difficult to cash checks, etc without picture ID, but there is no law saying you have to have one if you are willing to put up with the hassel. You're right, Lorrene, it is a half-step away from the tatoo thing my mother worried about 35 years ago.

Kim Thompson said...

I have an idea. Perhaps the AZ officials and citizenry that support this lunacy should leave the nation! Yes, leave the US and become their own little country. Then all the folks that believe in that stuff can go to THAT country and leave the US out of it.