Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life Without Father, Day Six

It is day six of my husband Dave being gone from our household, but I hope not from our lives. Day six of our "commuter marriage." I feel the emptiness he leaves and wonder at all of the families who historically bid farewell to father, not hearing from them for months, or years, or ever.  In comparison I am lucky. This magic box keeps us connected via the Internet with email and our cell phones, a Dick Tracy novelty when I was growing up, send the sounds of home 1,500 miles.

Before he left Dave said that a household is like a machine and each person a gear. He knew that his departure would throw a kink in the works. Our lives together have been divided along traditional lines because that’s where our talents lay. There is some overlapping, but for the most part I haven’t done yard work making sure the yard waste bin was filled every two weeks and I don’t climb up to change garage florescent lights. I think Dave has been a pretty important gear in our household machine. I’m not looking forward to buying and storing pellets this fall!

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