Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Holiday without Dad
Easter is coming and another holiday without Dave.  He was home for ten days in February which included my birthday and he will be home next month for another ten for Spring Break and his father's 94th birthday. After that we will have a long dry spell until his August vacation.
In June it will be a year since the hurried decision for him to go from our home in Gig Harbor to Prescott, AZ in order to go back to work for Lockheed Martin.  Through frugalness during these past nine months we’ve been able to pay off the home equity loan we had so that our house by the sea is paid for—again. 
Modern technology has kept us in touch.  I marvel at the Greatest Generation and wonder at how relationships stayed in tact with only sketchy mail from far flung soldiers during WWII over the course of four years.  Although cell phone reception is dodgy where Dave is living he is able to call and text me from work and because he has Internet access where he lives with a friend he can email me before we both go to sleep at night.  He can’t mow the lawn through technology, but at least we can share our news of the day.
So over the weekend I baked cookies for Dave, boxed them up in a shoebox and sent them off.  He received them today, along with a packet of newspapers and magazines that keep him connected to Gig Harbor and Ilwaco.  Sunday morning I’ll take pictures of my daughter Amy and my Grandson Gabriel with their Easter baskets and pass around the phone at dinner at my mother’s.  Spring Break is just around the corner, after all.

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