Monday, January 19, 2009

I Was Never Very Good At Tag

I was never very good at "tag" as a child and I'm still not. I've been tagged by Mizu, Kim, and Lorrane. Because they are wonderful writers, along with some other blogs I try to follow, I'm giving them a shout-out here. If you've wandered to the handle of my "Broom" you may be interested in knowing about the interesting and creative folks I've found in the blogosphere.

Mizu Sugimura tagged me first. I met her on our In Your Neighborhood blog spot (great place to find out what folks in the South Sound are thinking and talking about) and then a year later in person at the Antique Sandwich. She's one of my heroes because she's living the life of an artist which is my fantasy. She has several blogs, but the one I manage to get to is Liquid Muse.

When Israel began bombing the Gaza Strip, Mizu turned me on to the blog of a Palestinian mother who lives in NC. Her blog is a great way to find out the Arab perspective on what's happening over there as her parents are doctors there. Her Mother From Gaza blog is eye-opening.

Mizu is also responsible for turning me on to Lorrane Lemaster's Pet Peeves and Ramblings. Lorrane is a grandma in Yakima who thought her blog would be amusing to her grandchildren only, but the folksy tone of this Oklahoma native has drawn legions of followers and articles in Western Washington newspapers. She was the most recent blogger to tag me and I would be remiss if I didn't spread the word about Grandma's ramblings. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

The baby of my blogger world is Kim Thompson. She's a Tacoma native through and through and loves the place with ferocity. Her Gritty City Woman is a peak into the world of a mom and Tacoma's biggest cheerleader. Kim's embarking on the home-schooling road and I hope she continues to share her journey with us.

I've saved the best for last. I met Lorraine Hart (whose name should be Heart) in the Neighborhood two years ago when she chided me for lambasting people who drive elderly minivans with ecological bumperstickers on them. One of my pet peeves. Lorraine, who ministers to the body and soul of all who come her way, has become a great friend. Over cups of tea figurative and real we have developed a friendship that I hope lasts whatever time we've left on this side and eternity on the other. Lorraine writes two blogs besides on the Neighborhood. The one I try to get to for its wisdom and intellect is Walking Wolf Woman. Lorraine is a tireless Lyme Warrior who is out to beat the nasty bug that nearly beat her daughter. She's a fierce mama bear and the dearest of friends.

Now for random facts about me that is part of this tagging game.
1. About fifty years ago my birthday party was held at the Captain Puget Show. We were not actually on the show, but we got to see it live. I must say, that was a bit disappointing. Best not to break that fourth wall.

2. I was Honored Queen of my Job's Daughter's bethel, Bethel 63 in Bellevue. In Job.s Daughters I learned the art of being polite and sweet to people I would otherwise have not given the time of day, while wearing gloves and holding a cup of punch. It is a good skill. In addition I had some of the most fun of my life with wonderful girls.

3. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to take my father's ashes back to the Missouri Ozarks. I left a piece of my heart in the shady lot in Bona where my great-grandparents house once stood. If that property were ever to come on the market I would mortgage my soul to buy it.

4. I believe that any food that smells noxious in the cooking process ought not to be eaten. Mother Nature is telling you something--if it stinks, stay away.

5. Some of the best advice I ever received was from my first mother-in-law who said that there is always room for one more thing in the refrigerator or dishwasher. Yesterday I extended that theory to include the trunk of the car.

6. Once I won a refrigerator at Safeway. I'd gone to the store on a Sunday morning to buy more cinnamon rolls because my husband had eaten the last THREE, leaving none for my youngest. I was "mad as a wet hen" and when I got to the check out counter and they scanned my Safeway card bells went off and the clerk told me I'd won a refrigerator. We'd just bought one and I was anxious to get home, but had to stand around and fill out the paperwork. The refrigerator didn't fit in our kitchen so we took it to our summer house where we really needed it so it turned out fine.

I think I'm supposed to have 12 random facts about myself, but I'm not very interesting so this will have to do. Stop by some of the blogs of my pals mentioned above and say that Stephanie sent you.

PS I see that Lorrene Lemaster's rules of tagging are a bit different than Mizu's so here's the fifth line on page 56 of Sarah Breathnach's Moving On. It was that or page 56 of the JC Penny "home sale" catalog. That page is bathroom furniture with no text so here's Breathnach: "Her name was Dru Donnelly and by the time I'd left home in the late '60s to find my fame and fortune, she'd turned three homes into..."


Kim Thompson said...

Oh, the baby! I love it! Usually, I am the oldest one!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Good to know there's an upside to hanging out with old ladies. :-)

Grandma said...

Thank you from the bottom and the top of my heart for the kind words you said about me. God Bless You!

Lorraine Hart said...

What a sweet and true friend you are Stefery! I missed this post in the mix. I've been meaning to post in Walking Wolf keeps derailing my train of thought!

You are a gift to are your stories. xoxo

Kim, you may be 'the baby' here...but a beautiful old soul walks in you, gently. xoxo