Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Time of New Beginnings

It’s January first, a time of reflection and new beginnings. Of course one can start anew anytime, but January 1st is so symbolic like absolution. A time to reflect on what lies behind and what awaits us in our future.

I looked for an image of the freshness of today and found none as beautiful as this one taken on December 30th 2008 over Home, WA by friend the wonderful singer, poetess and photographer Lady Lorraine Hart.

The past visited just yesterday I received a note from the granddaughter of friends of my parents. Elle wrote to tell me of her grandparents passing. My father and her grandfather worked together in Boeing’s Flight Test in the 1950s. Lately I’ve watched my father’s home movies of a New Year’s party circa 1957. The men all in white shirts and neckties, the women coiffured and glamorous. I am sad each time one of this rapidly diminishing group passes, but glad that somewhere there’s a poker or dance party now nearly complete. I will write to Elle.

A long hot shower to wash away the old year and start afresh while I consider the past 57 years and those left to me. What I want to make of them. A good day, too, to do laundry, to clean, to organize, rituals that for me welcome the new year and start it off well.

My resolutions are to keep track of the remuneration I receive for my life’s energy; to get out of debt; to live more in the moment; to use the special soaps and burn the sweet smelling candles, to eliminate the physical and spiritual clutter in my life and to care for myself with as much concern as I care for my family and friends.

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Jo said...

Lorraine's picture spoke to me, also. As always, your blog touches, encourages, and inspires me to try to be more aware. Thank you.