Thursday, May 17, 2012

"I Go to the Sea to Breathe"

My “reasonable assurance” arrived in my work mailbox this week.  That means that I can be “reasonably assured” of a job in the fall.  Actually, I’ve worked for the district for long enough that they’d have to RIF a whole bunch of people to get to me.  The notice along with the oral boards and the secretary printing diplomas are signs that the end is near and I can’t wait.
Our 131 year old house by the sea is waiting for us to make more than a visit of a few days.  There is always plenty to do there, but it different “stuff” than what goes on here and our activities are set to the background music of the Pacific Ocean and the bustle of the Ilwaco docks where we can shop the Saturday Market or buy fresh fish at Jessie’s cannery.
Hopefully I’ll get in some writing this summer, exploring possible homes for my father’s autobiography, and get in some reading as well.  Not only do I have a stack of books beside my bed in Gig Harbor, but our gypsy bedroom is full of “my one true weakness.” 
Ocean air truly is beneficial.  Whenever we have guests they become relaxed and sleepy and have to adjust to both the sweet salt air and beach time. You’d better not be in a rush to get things done at the beach because you will be fighting the universe.  Things don’t move quickly there.  Better to sit on our porch and watch the world go buy.

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Jo said...

Can't wait to sit on the porch and watch the world go by!