Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stimulating the Economy Locally

It may seem to make no sense, but even with the economy the way it is—maybe because of the way it is—I chose to sign up for home delivery of fresh organic produce from Terra Organics of Tacoma. This is in addition to our home delivery of organic milk from Smith Brother’s of Kent. Because we are a big family I chose to receive a large box of produce every other week, but leaving the option open of adding another box on the alternate weeks. Our first box arrived last Friday and it was like Christmas unpacking the treasure of Nature’s bounty.

Granted, some of the items were not local, but as Spring comes to the Northwest more and more local items will be added to the box. Terra strives to find the most local and best value produce to fill its boxes and includes recipes as serving suggestions. I have long been an advocate of planning meals around what is on sale. Now we plan them around the box from Terra Organics. Yesterday the fava beans went into the crock-pot with other vegetables and meat for stew.

I like to think that I am helping out local farmers and the local economy by buying from Terra Organics. I’m not purchasing a vehicle, large appliance or other electronics. Except for bills and the occasional inexpensive gift which I keep an eye out for at all times, our money is going to food these days. My value is giving our family the best possible food within our means and keep our dollars in the community.


Kim Thompson said...

We really like Terra. We are also using Smith Bros, too!

Great minds think alike!

Stephanie Frieze said...

It makes my life easier to have some of what I need delivered and it makes me happy to be helping employ folks.