Friday, May 22, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

My daughter-in-law Ana and I were talking about how it’s ironic that as a nation we got ourselves into this economic mess by living beyond our means as individuals and a nation, being willing to believe deceptive people and institutions who enticed us to spend more than we should and now being willing to spend our precious dollars is supposed to be how we get out of the mess. I’m afraid I’m not doing much to fuel the economy other than buying food. Signing up with Terra Organics is my way of stimulating the economy.

We received our first delivery of organic fruit and vegetables from Terra Organics two weeks ago and today the fresh shipment comes to the front door. For five years I have been trying to convince Ana that throwing away food is the same as throwing away money and finally I am beginning to see the fruits of my nagging. In the past she has been willing to buy huge quantities of fresh food and then allowed it to spoil in the refrigerator. I could not convince her that even if it was a better deal than buying a smaller amount that she was wasting her money by not then actually cooking whatever it was before it spoiled. At first I demurred from cooking produce purchased by the kids, thinking that they’d been purchased with a special meal or meals in mind. When throwing out large amounts of broccoli, etc became a habit I began using as much of what they buy as I could because I was poor enough, long enough to know that it would be just as easy to throw money in the storm drain in front of the house. Whether it was the recession or my nagging, Ana seems to be taking the hint and trying to actually cook the things in the refrigerator instead of dreaming up what she wants and then going shopping.

I admit that I can find shopping recreational although I pursue my sport at Goodwill not Nordstrom’s. I haven’t been 100% good about not purchasing anything but food, but there’s been many times since September that I’ve been tempted and caught myself. Border’s sends me emails, but book stores are like a cocktail party for an alcoholic. It’s best if I don’t go in. I’m staying out of Target because that place is evil. There’s a siren song in there that pulls money out of my wallet! Last night my husband was rolling up the coins in his piggy bank. “Are we going out to dinner tomorrow,” he asked. “Nah,” I told him. “We’ve got vegetable soup left from tonight and a fresh box coming from Terra Organics.” We’ll find something special to do with the money like take Amy to a movie or Gabriel to a Rainer’s game. We’ll get it into the economy sometime. Are you saving or spending right now?


Lorraine Hart said...

I'm spending big honking amounts at the dentist again...big honking amounts that we don't have...big honking amounts, even after insurance...big honking amounts that get my teeth out...but no new teeth in...'cos that's even bigger honking amounts of money. Does it count if you're supporting and stimulating the heck out of a broken medical system?

Oh...and is it stimulating the economy to keep paying the usury fees of credit cards when you've paid the principal + interest a few times over? Let me assure you...none of the debt was unthinking pleasure-spending...welcome to chronic illness in America.

Would anyone like to stimulate the economy by hiring a decent jazz combo for a gig...we certainly contribute as much as we can by playing benefits, which cost us to do.

I think I sound a little grumpy today! It's been a while since even thrift store retail therapy!

Stephanie Frieze said...

I know what you mean about dental woes, Lorraine. With Medical coupons you can get teeth pulled, but nothing in. My mother keeps getting more and more holes. You're right about health care being broken.

Hopefully the credit card companies are going to have to change their ways now. Once I got mine paid off at the first of the year I've been keeping it paid off because I'm sure I've paid several times over for things.