Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pet Peeve

It’s Spring at last and the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. Mother Nature is beginning to parade her handiwork which is marvelous indeed. With all the beauty that Nature bestows on the Earth, can someone please tell me why florists find it necessary to die cut flowers colors best left to black light posters? I realize that this is not an Earth shaking matter like the economy, the lack of affordable health care and global warming, but it annoys me when I go to the grocery store and see these poor flowers tramped out--cheapened. Try buying flowers for your favorite aunt or mother-in-law that don't look like they fell into the Peeps vat. Am I the only one who thinks that dying flowers is sacrilegious?


Kim Thompson said...

Oh I totally agree. They look awful. When did that practice start anyway?

Stephanie Frieze said...

It seems to be a recent (last few years)practice. Natural flowers are so beautiful that I don't see the need to make them look garrish.

Lorraine Hart said...

DEFINITELY with you on this too!

Missus Nacheral