Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creating a Temporary Lives

Both Dave and I have had to give up activities we had planned for this summer. Dave had paid the entrance fee for the Rock n Roll Marathon in Seattle in July and I missed the Oregon Lavender Festival with my best friend. We were supposed to attend a Frankie Valli concert at Snoqualmie Casino with Amy to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. It turns out that Valli had illness in his family and cancelled the concert anyway so perhaps we can get a refund on those tickets and do something else while he is home for twelve days.

Dave likes to ride his bike and had planned to go for a ride with his brother Steve. Steve has been otherwise employed caring for their parents so that trip might not have happened even if Dave had not taken the job in Prescott. He was pleased to find out that the gentleman he is renting a room from has a couple of bikes and was willing to go out biking with him. They tuned up the bikes and have been going on somewhat short rides as Mike is not as fit as Dave. They have added another Flight Service coworker and although it may not be the same as riding the San Juan Islands with his brother Steve, at least Dave has had the companionship of two fellows to ride with. It is good for all of them.  They are pictured here at Willows Lake.

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